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Take Advantage of Your Dental Benefits!

Take Advantage of Your Dental Benefits!


Your dental insurance benefits run on a calendar year and expire on December 31! You may have unused funds that will disappear at the end of the year! Don’t LOSE IT…USE IT!

We at Ivory Dental are encouraging you to use up these funds. Now is the time to book dental appointments for your kids when winter break begins! Have a college student who needs a check-up or a cleaning? Call us right away to get on the schedule while they are home for the holidays. If you have been holding off on your routine dental exam or have been putting off dental work, please give our office a call. Even items such as mouth/night guards, x-rays, teeth whitening treatments, or other cosmetic enhancements can be covered and/or funded by your insurance or Flexible Spending Account (FSA) dollars.

Give our office today to schedule your appointment!

Keep Shining!
Dr. Patel

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