Ivory Dental | Summer Smile Checklist
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Summer Smile Checklist

Summer Smile Checklist


Before you know it, summer will be over. To enjoy what’s left of this great season, here are some tips.

Unfortunately, for many of us, there are not many “lazy days of summer”. Summer calendars are already booked with camps, classes, lessons, BBQs, games, reunions, graduation parties, weddings and family vacations to name a few. At Ivory Dental, our appointment calendars are filling up quickly too! Before your calendar is full, don’t forget to schedule your regular dental checkups for you and your family. It’s so important to stay on top of your regular dental care and to schedule those required dental visits before the kids go back to school. Unfortunately, summer is only but a fleeting moment!

If you have been considering cosmetic enhancements or thinking about professional whitening, now is the time! Our in-office treatments or take home kits can have you smiling pretty in no time. A dazzling white smile is the best accessory for your summer tan!

For those of you heading out of town for some much needed R&R, in addition to packing your swim suit and sunscreen, we have included a list of dental items to keep your teeth in tip-top shape or, to get you through a dental emergency if the unexpected happens.

 Portable electric toothbrush/toothbrush
 Dental floss
 SFP lip balm
 Sugar free gum (with Xylitol)
 Single-use toothbrush with floss such as Colgate Wisps
 Gauze pads/cotton
 Wax (for braces) or retainers
 Saline Solution
 Non-Aspirin Pain Reliever
 Topical Anesthetic
 Insurance card
 Healthy, white smile

If you are traveling abroad, we strongly recommend you come in for a checkup at least 2 weeks prior to your travel to take care of any issues that might be lurking in your mouth. Don’t procrastinate. Prevention is key. If something unfortunate occurs while you are away and you have a dental emergency such as a cracked crown, exposed cavity, chipped tooth (or knocked out), call our office for advice. The items above should help you solve the immediate problem (and pain) until you are able to seek medical attention.

Stay safe this summer!

Keep Shining!
Dr. Patel

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