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CEREC – A New Smile, While You Wait

CEREC – A New Smile, While You Wait

Yes, it’s true. You can renew your smile with a permanent crown (and/or fillings) in one appointment. The days of scheduling an appointment for impressions (yuck!), inserting a temporary crown and waiting two to three weeks for the permanent crown to come in and returning for a follow up appointment are GONE. At Ivory Dental, most crowns are made in-office at ONE appointment while you wait, saving you time and the expense of return visits by using CEREC technology.

CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, or CEramic REConstruction) is the unique treatment for all-ceramic restorations in one dental visit. In one chairside treatment, we use an intraoral camera to take a digital impression of your smile and create a virtual model of your tooth. The software then creates a computer-based construction of your tooth, which we are able to modify and tweak if needed. We point, click and send it to the milling machine, which creates your new ceramic tooth, while you wait. Your crown is made with the same materials used in a dental lab and will be durable and stain-resistant. We paint and glaze your tooth accordingly to be sure it “matches” your smile before cementing. The entire procedure takes approximately 2 hours total.

CEREC Benefits

* Single-visit convenience

* Hi-tech accuracy

* Natural, tooth-colored restoration

* Biocompatible, anti-abrasive and plaque resistant ceramic materials

* Metal free – no silver-colored fillings

* Preserves more healthy tooth material

* Extremely precise for long-lasting, natural results

Call our Plainfield dental office today for a consultation or just schedule an appointment!

Keep Shining!
Dr. Patel


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