Ivory Dental | Veneers
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Porcelain veneers are very thin porcelain layers used to restore or correct the natural look of teeth. It is often used to create minor alterations of teeth position, shape, size, and color.

Your Consultation

If you are considering veneers in Plainfield or the surrounding area schedule a consultation with Dr. Patel to discuss what cosmetic improvements you expect from the procedure. Dr. Patel, dentist Plainfield, IL, will begin with a thorough analysis to determine the steps that are necessary to create the smile you wish to achieve. Your lips, smile line, age, bite and much more have to be carefully considered in order to design the perfect smile just for you.

The Procedure

Porcelain laminate veneers consist of a compilation of several thin ceramic layers which replace original tooth enamel, and an adhesive layer.

To apply a veneer, a very thin layer of the natural tooth enamel has to be removed. This “extra space” creates room for the veneer so it will most accurately restore the tooth function while create an enhanced appearance than the tooth you wish to correct.

To create a strong bond between the original tooth and the veneer light-sensitive resin is applied between the layers and then hardened using a special curing light.

Most patients choose porcelain veneers when their original teeth are heavily stained or their shape is undesirable. Veneers can also correct fractured or chipped teeth, fill gaps between teeth and can fix minor bite-related problems.