Ivory Dental | Root Canals
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Root Canals

Do I need a Root Canal?

The inside of all teeth is filled with a material called dental pulp. The pulp has nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue. The pulp fills the tooth from the top (crown) all the way down to the bone. When a tooth is damaged, bacteria can enter the pulp and cause serious infection or an abscess. If left untreated, the pulp can be irreversibly damaged leading to loss of the tooth. If you experience swelling of your face and neck, toothache, gum swelling, and severe sensitivity to temperature, call our Plainfield, IL dental office immediately. Dr. Patel understands the frustration associated with tooth ache and makes sure that you will be seen as soon as possible.

What is the Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment, or commonly called root canal, is a treatment to repair and save a seriously damaged or infected tooth. In the past, damaged teeth were removed or patients had to go under a painful root canal treatment.

With advances in dentistry and medicine, today’s local anesthetics make root canal treatment virtually painless. In our Plainfield dental office most of our patients will report very minor discomfort or absolutely no pain with a root canal treatment. Besides, living with a decayed or infected tooth is much more painful than undergoing the procedure.

What are the alternatives to root canals?

If you are considering alternatives to root canals or your tooth cannot be saved, Dr. Patel, dentist Plainfield, IL, will discuss your options. These option might include removing the damaged tooth and replacing it with a dental implant, a traditional dental bridge, or a removable partial denture.